Apple’s Black Friday Discount Is Genius

Each holiday season Apple looks down from its throne at the peasant computer manufacturers and laughs and laughs and laughs.

“Who are you to suggest that my products are being sold at too high a price?” Apple booms from its high place, looking down its aesthetically optimized nose at the media, begging for scraps of information as always. “Who are you to imply that I need a sales boost? I am Apple, I discount for no one.”

Yet this year the story is different. Apple deigned to not only admit the existence of the Black Friday, but also participate in it. I, admittedly, was very curious how the Apple that would fall so low as to associate its brand with Beats headphones would approach Black Friday.

Would they actually discount their hardware? Have they actually lost sight of their line so much that they would tarnish their reputation of having a premierly premium product, impossible to discount even one penny? Have the rumored endless meetings and drudgery at a mismanaged consumer product giant finally scared away the famous A player employees who don’t make mistakes like this?

Screenshot for posterity.
Screenshot of their “trade” for posterity.

No. While Apple is not the quality giant it was and has a few stairs to climb before it can claim that title again. It’s still Apple. I’d be very reluctant to name their deal a discount. It’s a trade.

If you buy an Apple product they’ll gladly throw in an appropriately scaled gift card in with the deal.

Apple is glad to take the edge off buying their premium product, as long as you pledge your fealty to the King. They’ll give a portion of your dollars back to you to spend on the Apple ecosystem at your leisure, and if they upsell you while you’re there; well, you’re buying the best aren’t you? Did you really lose?

Let it be known. Never give a discount, always offer a trade.