Hackaday OC: Resin Casting Tutorial and Filament Thickness Sensors

The first one, which took an absolutely enormous amount of time, is a tutorial on resin casting. This will be part of an ongoing series I’m working on for quick prototyping using these methods. In this turtorial I duplicate some buttons to keep my favorite coat in service for another season.
The next piece is some research on filament thickness sensors, an interesting development in the 3d printing community.

Hackaday OC: What's in a Tool and Adventures in Resin Casting.

I’ve written two new articles for Hackaday. The first is “What’s in a Tool: A Case for Made in USA”. This article¬†made front page of slashdot, has over 50,000 views, and nearly 500 combined comments. I’m very excited about the good reception. Read it on Hackaday.
The second is an article about my adventures in resin casting. Unfortunately it’s a bout a learning experience I had with different sorts of mold release for silicone molds. Also on Hackaday.